We're here to show you that investing is a breeze

Established over 25 years ago, we're a Slovak company that is part of the 365.bank Group. We started out as the First Pension Management Company (Prvá penzijná správcovská spoločnosť), and became 365.invest in 2021. Since then, more than 100,000 clients have invested with us.


We're the only management company to offer the opportunity to invest online without having to set up a product at the parent bank. In our funds, which have already won over 30 awards, we manage more than EUR 1.4 billion.

Is investing only for the financially sound and economically experienced? That's also wide of the mark. We won't confuse you with complicated language, so let's simplify it together.

Our philosophy

365.invest is part of the 365.bank Group. Your future is safe with our funds. During our time in the financial world, we have put together a wide portfolio of funds for all conditions. 🌤


Everyone can find what they want from our funds: a co-owner of huge projects, a comfortable option, or something more dynamic? Want to get involved and make money on revolutionary technologies? We have it all! We're renowned for both swiftly responding to and actively setting investment trends.


We can familiarise you with the financial world💸📈, making the complicated simply straightforward. You don't even have to consider how to choose the right tailor-made fund or whether it is better to invest once or regularly.


You don't need a dictionary of foreign words, we'll guide you without cumbersome phrases. So you'll feel at home in the fund world in no time at all! 😉

We just need your get-go

Get involved in 365.invest quickly and easily. Prepare your ID card, mobile phone, tablet or laptop with a camera, good light, your account IBAN, and we're good to go.

Let us know about you

You can invest online

It's so simple. If you're a citizen of the Slovak Republic, you can also invest online. Prepare your ID card, mobile phone, tablet or laptop with a camera, good light, your account IBAN, and we're good to go. Find out how here.

I want to arrange it in person or by phone

Any questions? Pop into a 365.bank branch. We're always here for you 😉

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