How to invest

Regular investment

Looking for a higher potential appreciation of your savings? Regular investments are perfect for you. Choose a fund or a combination of several funds for the optimal return on investment, and invest free of charge. You can invest from just EUR 20.

Want to invest? The time is now

If you're a citizen of the Slovak Republic, you can also invest online. If you come from abroad, we'll be happy to see you in person at any 365.bank branch.

It takes minimum energy and hardly dents the monthly budget

Just EUR 20 per month is enough to get the max from your investment. And there are more advantages. These include:


  • the opportunity to invest in selected funds without entry and exit fees in compliance with the conditions,
  • regularly invest about 10% of your income per month,
  • making investments at the right time thanks to small regular investments and our help.

What do you need to know about funds?

Amount invested


Start investing from just EUR 20. And you can choose to increase your regular monthly deposit. The maximum value of a regular deposit is EUR 5,000.

Regular investment funds


Choose from a wide range of funds. Pursue your future wealth in an ideal way with the following funds: Eco Fund, Blockchain Fund. Also select from the following: Flexible investments or Trend investments.



The choice is yours. You can apply for the redemption of a unit at any time during the validity of the programme (by paying out all units, the regular investment programme expires). But keep in mind that the returns depend on the investment horizon of individual funds.


Frequency of investment


This is not determined, but regularly means you invest at least a specified number of investments in the selected fund in the reference period.

Find what you're looking for in our diverse portfolio

Choose an investment area that is close to your ❤️.

Flexible investments

Looking for funds that respond to market developments?

Trend investments

Like new trends and innovations?

Note: there is also a risk associated with investing in a fund, depending on the fund's investment strategy. The value of an investment in a fund, as well as its return, may also decrease, and the investor is not guaranteed a return on the amount originally invested. In accordance with the fund's articles of association, the proportion of transferable securities or money market instruments issued or guaranteed by the states or bodies referred to in the articles of association may exceed 35% of the value of the fund's assets, which may reach up to 100%.

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