Conservative Flexible Fund

Timing that's just right and higher appreciation at moderate to medium risk. Our portfolio managers will show you that sometimes it is enough just to let money work in the right places, and you'll get the most out of your investments even without a commitment.

Conservative Flexible Fund

1,99 %
from inception (p.a.)
-2,39 %
for 1 year
0,42 %
from the beginning of the year

The graph is for information only. Actual price developments

Performance to 31.01.2023
0,42 %
from the beginning of the year
0,32 %
for 1 month
0,69 %
for 3 months
-0,41 %
for 6 months
-2,39 %
for 1 year
-0,50 %
for 3 years (p.a.)
1,99 %
from inception (p.a.)
47 293 214,66 EUR
Share price: 1,19477 €

Performance calculation

Performance (p.a.)

Key fund details

Client profile moderately advanced
Investment horizon min. 3 years
Minimum investment (one-time investment) first: EUR 500, then: EUR 50
Minimum investment (regular investment) min. EUR 20, max. EUR 5,000
Fund risk 5/high risk (on a scale of 1 - 7)
Fund category mixed fund
Fund character special securities fund
Fund established 2014


Entry fee max. 1.50% of current unit price
Exit fee 2.00% of the current unit price (up to 3 years)
Management fee 1.65% of the average net asset value of the fund
Depositary fee 0.15% of the average net asset value of the fund
Transfer between funds When transferring an investment from one fund to another fund, a preferential entry fee will be applied in accordance with the current sales prospectus of the fund in which the unitholder enters, reduced by 50%. When transferring from this fund to another fund of the administrator within a period of up to 2 years, the exit fee listed in this table will also be applied.

The amount invested

Entry fee

up to EUR 29,999.99 incl.

1.50 % of the current unit price

EUR 30,000 and more

1.00 % of the current unit price/p>

Exit fee
(within 3 years from the issue of the unit certificate)

Exit fee
(3 years and more from the issue of the unit certificate)

2.00 % 

0.00 % 

Each fund has its own account to which you pay your investments - Conservative Flexible Fund:

IBAN: SK8165000000191323500012;  BIC: POBNSKBA


Note: there is also a risk associated with investing in a fund, depending on the fund's investment strategy. The value of an investment in a fund, as well as its return, may also decrease, and the investor is not guaranteed a return on the amount originally invested. In accordance with the fund's articles of association, the proportion of transferable securities or money market instruments issued or guaranteed by the states or bodies referred to in the articles of association may exceed 35% of the value of the fund's assets, which may reach up to 100%.

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