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Comfortable Investments

Lower risk, shorter investment horizon, and stable returns. That's exactly what you expect from Comfortable Investments. Don't like experimenting or new to investing? Then this investment package is perfect. These funds will let you stay in your comfort zone. With them you can calmly handle market fluctuations. 😉

Want to invest? The time is now

If you're a citizen of the Slovak Republic, you can also invest online. If you come from abroad, we'll be happy to see you in person at any 365.bank branch.

Dlhopisovy stabilny fond

Stable Return Fund

The Stable Return Fund is a bond fund suitable especially for those seeking investment stability. You will be satisfied with the fund when interested in the shorter-term appreciation of funds and you're willing to bear a moderate risk.



  • You'll certainly appreciate a stable return with moderate fluctuations, ✌️
  • it's suitable if you're considering a higher one-time investment or you need to balance dynamic solutions,
  • you can share in the success of the 365.bank Group and companies in Slovakia and Czechia,
  • monitor how your investment develops, anytime and anyplace, in the section Online Investing.

Features 😉

1,73 % p. a.

return for the last year

moderate risk and stable return

on the market

since 1995

the fund has won

several awards 🏆

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