Before you invest, answer these three basic questions:

What yield do I expect?

Different funds have different yields as well as risks. Consider how much you would like to earn on your investment. 

How long can I set aside the money?

Set the timeframe within which you want to achieve your goal. Do you need your money in a year, two or five?

What risk am I willing to take?

The riskier the fund, the higher the risk you should accept. So it's better to consider what investment fluctuations you're willing to endure.

Can't decide?
We can help you choose

I expect a yield of
1 % 12 %
I will need the money at the earliest in
1 rok 5 rokov
I accept risk
The given example is for information only. There is risk associated with investing in mutual funds. The value of the investment may increase, stagnate, or even decrease, and the return on the amount originally invested is not guaranteed.

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